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At Redmond Kids Dentistry, the best of Redmond, we send a monthly eNewsletter to help educate our patients about oral health and other dental topics.

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May 2020

How to Keep Loose Teeth Clean Until They Come Out

Benefits of Having Small Children Use Manual Toothbrushes

Most Important Times to Wear a Mouthguard

Past eNewsletters:
March 2020
• What to Look for In a Baby’s First Toothbrush
• Problems That Can Occur if Tongue Thrusting is Not Addressed
• Things That Are Eating Away at the Enamel of Your Teeth

February 2020
• The Long-Term Dangers of Passing Along Dental Fears to Your Child
• We Can Make Loose Teeth Less Painful
• Can Sipping Water Reduce Dental Staining?

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